Color, shape and space, textures, rhythm and flow: Some key elements I use and organize in order to materialize my inner, ephemeral atmospheres.

I often employ earlier works as materials to make new ones of different form and dimension. For example: I cut out elements of an installation in space and attach them in a two-dimensional collage (assemblage). Or, I connect fragments of paintings to make a sculpture. The studio as a site-specific part of the art works is netting them all in a state of constant process.

A material that concerns me with its potentiality is the adhesive tape - particularly when I apply it on a stretched-like-a-drum transparent paper surface. The fragility of the paper balances the aggressive durability of the tape. By layering different semi-transparent colored tapes I achieve new personal colors, non-existing in the industry. A sort of battle between uniqueness and established systems.


yellow tape