The tools of my work are color and shape.

Their absolutely abstract nature and infinite interconnection possibility, make them an efficient raw material in order to establish a new visual communicative diode between me and the world.

Inside each color I use is concentrated a particular codified knowledge or a locked-in emotion of my personal experience.

Geometry of memory and comprehension of reality constantly activates and reshapes the limits of the pictorial area in order to form an archetype language that will transmit the current flow of things.

yellow tape

My artistic inspirations are stimulated by the use of the full potential of my own nature.

To create art which visually communicates with people - no matter the age, nationality or social standing - keeping them tightly in touch with life’s mysteries, complexities and profound forces.

The human condition fascinates me. The ways humans deal with the facts of life: trauma, death, relationships and with the unknown.

In the societies I live, I observe a certain kind of avoidance of reaching a more complete state of being. We are made by earth and spirit, but we keep on polluting this duality with a lot of unnecessities.
I am intensively concerned in identifying these unnecessities and abstract them both from life and art.

After this act of abstraction all that remains is poetry.