anthia about me


2013 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, abstract painting, prof. Ervin Bohatsch

2008 Athens School of Fine Arts, visual arts, prof. Aggelos Antonopoulos


2016 Group exhibition of my selves, privat space opposite of School of Fine Arts,

2014 Paper room, curated by Elena Mironova, Greenwich Center, Ekaterinburg.

         Dirty red, curated by Sanja Lasic, art&design Làssa, Vienna.

         Fallen, performance/sculpture for SAY IT>GR, former Knoll Gallery, Vienna.

2013 Mnemonic, curated by Victoria Dejako, Hallway Gallery, Vienna.


2018 Slow art down!, Akbild, Vienna.

         The exit is usually where the entrance was, Library of Akbild, Vienna.

2017 A fly in the milk, Library of Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

         Marzipan und Waescheleine, Akbild, Vienna.

         On Tour, Y.A.M.A. (Young Association of Modern Art), Milan / Turin.

         We saw light and we came in, curated by Andrej Polukord & Mario Strk,
         Galerie Uberall in Documenta 14, Athens.

group exhibitions / curatorial projects (selection)

2019 I am spoiled by you, Periscope, Salzburg

        Neue Wiener Ernsthaftigkeit, Semperdepot, Vienna

2018 Parallel Vienna, Flux23, Vienna

        In der Unendlichkeit sagt die Linie Hallo, curated by Miru Svolikova &
        Kathi Scheucher, Library of Akbild, Vienna.

2017 Demystifying Femininity, curated by Ale Zapata T,
         Gallery Improper Walls, Vienna.

         A constant condition of emergency, curated by Eva Kekou,
         baseGALLERY, Athens.

         The Grand Tour Show, curated by Jelena Micic & Zarko Alexic,
         Kvaka 22, Belgrade.

         Finding Beauty, curated by Marianna Blier, Mondi Gallery, Vienna

        16 graduates of 16, curated by Aggelos Antonopoulos,
         Agathi Kartalos Gallery, Athens.

         Exhibition of Greek National Bank & Insurances Art prize Competition,
         StoArt Korai Gallery, Athens.

2016 Friends, Curator’s apartment, part of WAS Biennale, curated by Alex Kei &
         Elena Mironova, Ekaterinburg.

         Rigid Splinter, So Weit, die Zukunft [SWDZ],
         curated by Kasper Møller Christiansen, Vienna.

         Abstrakt 15/16, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

         viennacontemporary, curated by Andrej Polukord & Mario Strk,
         Galerie Uberall, Vienna.

2015 At the same time, Art UnAnchored Festival, curated by Georgij Melnikov,
         on board MS Stadt Wien, Vienna.

         Ecumena, Atelier Suterena, Vienna

         Charity Art Market, curated by Anna Khodorkovskaya, O.T. gallery, Vienna.

         Art Prize Laguna 2015 - Finalist Artists Exhibit, Arsenale, Venice.

         3 artists exhibit, curated by Yannos Kostantinou, Stathmi Gallery, Lefkosia.

         Across the white, (costume design for performative installation of Fanny
         Futtercknecht), Im Ersten gallery, Vienna.

         Albrechtsfeld Project, curated by Lara Starhemberg,
         Bäckerstrasse4 Gallery, Vienna.

2014 Gallery-in-residence, curated by Anastasiya Yarovenko and
         Schneiderei.Home.Studio.Gallery, Vienna.

         Bäckerstrasse4 in the Austrian Post AG corporate headquarters, Vienna.

         Jedes Stück 1 euro!, curated by Anna Khodorkovskaya,
         Lust Galerie, Vienna.

         Project Hello (performance), curated by E.Mironova, Ural Centre for
         Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg.

         cosm-o-garden installation, (author of collaborative project Anthia
         Loizou), Greenwich Center, Ekaterinburg.

         Dromena Technis, curated by Michalis Romanos,
         Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, Piraeus.

         SAY IT.GR>, curatorial project + exhibition Anthia Loizou,
         former Knoll Gallery, Vienna.

         Cake makers, curated by A.Khodorkovskaya, A. Yarovenko, Akbild, Vienna.

         The big museum, curated by Aggeliki Bozou, VYCA,
         Very Young Contemporary Art gallery, Athens.

         Vestment as body’s residence, curated by Aggelos Antonopoulos,
         Technohoros Gazi, Athens.

prizes / scholarships

2017 Greek National Bank & Insurances Art Prize, (1st award)

2015 Art Prize Laguna - Venice, Finalist Artists Exhibition in Arsenale.

2012 IKY prize - National Scholarships Foundation of Greece, (1st award)