I am spoiled by you

The installation I am spoiled by you is a continuation of an ongoing long-term dialogue between Anthia Loizou, Anna Khodorkovskaya and Jelena Micić. Bringing together the distinct visual language and sharing a common interest in peculiar working materials, the collaboration is slipping away from the medium description in order to investigate new forms of pictorial space. The works settle down and grow like organisms. They meet and exchange. In the unity they bloom. But they also wither together in order to achieve the brilliant agility over again.

March 2019, Periscope, Salzburg

  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-001
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-002
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-003
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-004

  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-005
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-006
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-007
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-008

  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-009
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-010
  • I-am-spoiled-by-you-011